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Source Naturals EDTA 500 mg capsules...

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Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), dibasic calcium, phosphate, colloidal silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use: 2 capsules per day for 5 days followed by 9 days off. Repeat the two week cycle up to 3 times then discontinue use for at least 30 days. Take on an empty stomach with at least 12 ounces of water. Supplement with a multi-mineral including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium such as Source Naturals Life Minerals during off days.

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Source Naturals EDTA 500 mg capsules...

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Toxic Metals In Our Lives

While the modern conveniences we enjoy are many, they come with a price. Over the last century the number of harmful substances in our environment has increased dramatically, including many new chemicals that didn't even exist a hundred years ago.

Regardless of how careful we may be, residue from chemicals and toxic metals contaminate our food, our clothes, furniture, paint, beauty products... it's everywhere. The risk factor for those who work in various businesses and industries where these hazardous substances are used is much greater. Even your local hairstylist comes in contact with dozens of potentially harmful ingredients in the products he or she uses.
Health Effects Of Metal Toxicity
Other than business or industrial accidents, it's rare that someone would receive life threatening or debilitating exposure to toxic metals. However, it's the accumulative effect of being almost continually exposed to low levels of the substances in our everyday lives through items we touch, eat, drink, and the air we breathe that cause health problems for many.

Over time these metals can build up in our tissues and organs and the impact can be devastating. Numerous health problems involving the human nervous system, digestive system, skin, liver, glands, cardiovascular system, lungs, and other parts of the body have been traced back to high levels of lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury and other metals. Studies have also implicated heavy metals as the culprit in autism. Lead is proven to cause reduced mental development in children, which is the reason the government banned lead from paint.

Heavy metals compete with good trace elements for absorption and can cause deficiencies of the good minerals. They can also increase blood acidity, increase the severity of allergies, and cause genetic mutations. Some speculate that the increased toxic load we carry in our bodies today is the underlying cause for the dramatic rise in cancer here in the United States in recent years.

What Are The Toxic Metals?

Unfortunately aluminum shows up in many places. From baby formula, to antiperspirants, to antacids it's easy for most people to come in contact with aluminum on a regular basis where it then accumulates in our bones, skin, kidneys, and brain. Research has implicated aluminum as a possible culprit in diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

This is another toxic metal that appears in many items we use including beer, seafood, and cigarette smoke. Exposure can damage organs such as the lungs, liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

Paper, ceramics, soap, paint, and pesticides are just a few of the places that barium shows up. It is implicated in some digestive problems.

Some of the most common illnesses we see today cab be caused or worsened by cadmium, such as high blood pressure, kidney stones, arthritis, and chronic fatigue syndrome. You'll find cadmium in pesticides, motor oil, soft drinks, water softeners, and some plastics.

Most people are familiar with stringent U.S. laws concerning lead exposure, including the banning of lead paint and strict regulations governing remodelers working in older home containing lead paint. It is estimated that a child will lose 10 points from their IQ for every 30 mcg of lead found in the child's blood.

Medical researchers struggle to determine the causes of autoimmune diseases such as lupus and others, however there is much anecdotal evidence pointing to mercury exposure as a possible reason. Mercury has also been linked to depression, tremors, and memory loss. There is much controversy over how much mercury may be introduced into the human body through dental amalgam fillings, though some estimates place it around 17 mcg per day for each filling. Many people have had their amalgam fillings replaced with other materials.

Nickel has been implicated in both cancer and genetic damage. Batteries, stainless steel cutlery, pots/pans, and dental fillings are a few of the things containing nickel that we come in contact with regularly.

Can EDTA Remove Toxic Metals From The Human Body?

For over sixty years EDTA has been the standard FDA approved method of removing lead and other metals from the body. EDTA binds to toxic metals and they are then expelled through the urine or stool. Intravenous application of EDTA is quicker and is preferred in severe life threatening toxic metal exposure. However for most people, oral EDTA chelation works just as well, is painless, and is much less expensive - it just takes a little longer than IV treatments.

When using EDTA to reduce the level of toxic metals from your body, a simple urine analysis can be performed to measure the level of various metals in your body. After three months of using EDTA, the urine test can be repeated to measure how far your toxic metals levels have dropped. There are several independent labs that perform this type of testing for a low fee.

Some people just make the decision that all Americans have been exposed to some level of toxic metals during their lives and use EDTA for three continuous months and then repeat a six-week run once each year for maintenance.

The suggested daily treatment schedule is one EDTA capsule on an empty stomach before breakfast, and a second EDTA capsule on an empty stomach at bedtime. I personally have taken a six-week EDTA treatment every year for six years now and have never experienced stomach upset or any side effects. EDTA is just an easily absorbed extremely safe amino acid.